Monday, January 2, 2012

The Bedroom Fit for a Jedi Knight

"Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose." ~ Yoda

Sometimes it's hard to say goodbye to an environment that feels comfortable and familiar. Just ask the dinosaurs! They were the focus of our boy's room before the big redo...
We loved his little IKEA bed, which we tricked out with canvases I painted with dinosaur silhouettes. The kids and I had fun painting the T-Rex, Triceratops, and the big Brontosaur together, too.
It was a bright, cheery room (a much brighter yellow than we planned!). But as much as our boy loved his prehistoric friends, they were destined to become extinct. He moved right into Star Wars, much to the delight of uncles everywhere (both biological and honorary). So in celebration of his 6th birthday, we redecorated his room with new colors and some galactic appeal!We started by painting the walls SW Loyal Blue (took 5 coats ... nerds!) and with the help of our handyman Ed, installed beadboard to give the walls some oomph. Fabulous, it is!
Found these lined drapes on sale for $23 a panel at Target ... score!
Yaya found an out-of-this-world fan at the Depot ... The framed photo of the Earth by Apollo 17 came from the estate of Yaya's dear friend Liz.Santa brought the Darth Vadar alarm clock (which freaks out even Mama).The kid-sized desk was built by Grant's great-great-grandfather Heston, making B the fifth generation to use it to become brilliant. Oma and Baba gave him this awesome light up moon that shows all the phases.
Fantastic hutch from Yaya's collection. "That's where I'll keep my trophies," B says...Mama painted this bookcase and dresser Perfect Greige, but we found there was no room for the dresser except for in the closet...
Oh well, I can let go of my fear of not fitting everything in the room. Just like Yoda says...

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