Tuesday, November 2, 2010

More Unique Headboards

Don't fight with the pillow, but lay down your head,
And kick every worriment out of the bed.
~Edmund Vance Cooke

After my post about the headboard we made for our master bedroom, I had a query about more options for nontraditional headboards. You guys ARE paying attention!
So I brainstormed a little and then searched for my ideas online. Just about everything I came up with was represented in some clever DIY photo online.

Like this one -- a surfboard that would add a coastal touch to any beach bum's bedroom...

I don't see why you couldn't use the Hang Man system on these. And even better, I did a quick scan of Craigslist and found a few used boards for $25! They looked a little worse for the wear, but with some spray paint and Frog Tape for stripes ... you could get a result like this!

The next one would be super easy and very sweet for a little girl's garden party bedroom -- a length of picket fence. White is the obvious choice, but think how cute this would be in light pink or yellow...

Art work on canvas -- particularly contemporary art -- makes a fun, creative headboard. To bring some simple, elegant style to this concept, you could even buy a canvas that's as long as the bed, slap some painter's tape down, then paint it with bold stripes of coordinating color and hang on the wall. Voila! Your bedroom masterpiece! You could hang small framed pictures or mirrors in rows so they appear to be one piece.
Stretch out a room-dividing screen and hang it on the wall.
As I was brainstorming, I realized there was a length of cool antique railing in my in-laws' garage. Chunky oak -- perfect for a boy's room. Soooo ... that will become our little man's headboard very soon! Pictures to follow, but for now - check out this version...Lots of wrought iron possibilities there too. Just browse an architectural salvage place (or even better -- your own garage) and try to see everything there with fresh eyes. If it's long and skinny and you could hang it on the wall, chances are you could make a headboard out of it. Doors, shutters, window frames ... the possibilities are endless!
There are SO many ways to top off your bed with style. Think outside the box and give your head something cool to lean against!

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