Thursday, October 13, 2011

Decorating with Kids' Art

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist when we grow up." ~ Pablo Picasso

Nothing says "we have kids" like finger paintings taped to the refrigerator. Whether they try to create their own Jackson Pollock like Olivia over there, or just love drawing houses and rainbows -- kids often make beautiful art that can bring bold color and personality to your walls.

And while it's fine to have your little Picasso's masterpieces stuck to your Frigidaire, here are some slightly more creative display ideas.

1. Changeable Frames

I came up with this one and love it so much. I found two simple 22 x 28" black frames at Michael's (always on sale). I used the "Extra 25% Off All Frames" coupons from the paper to get them for $23 each. Then I bought two pieces of black mat board (here in Orlando, the best prices on this stuff are at Art Systems on SR 436) and cut them with an art knife to fit into the frames. I centered the kids' art and attached it right on top of the mat board with a tape runner . The kids and I painted small wood letters of their names (again, from Michael's), which I hot glued to the frames to give the artists proper credit.
This has been such a fun feature in our playroom and always draws compliments from visitors. We switch it out to decorate for holidays and seasons, or just when they bring home something new that they're excited about. I especially love their abstract paintings for the color and the amazing scenes they imagine! Just in time for fall ... my pumpkin's pumpkins!
I think framing kids' art -- even temporarily -- shows them you value their work and creativity. I have no research to prove this, but that never stopped me from postulating before!

2. On Line Creations

Also inexpensive and even easier to change is the IKEA Dignitet curtain wire, which makes a great "clothes line" for clipping on artwork. Brave IKEA (not on a Saturday), buy the little metal clips that come with it and you're set. We made one long wire in our son's room...But a series of smaller ones looks even better!

3. Stuck On Art

Finally, these stick-on frames cut out the hassles of framing AND hanging! No holes in the wall and super easy to change. They wouldn't be a good idea for thick art paper, but would hold your average doodles...

No matter how your choose to display your kids' artwork, be sure you take advantage of their fun, FREE artwork!

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  1. I do the same thing! I have also made a calendar that incorporated my kids artwork. A great gift to buy your kids to encourage them to create more artwork are easels for kids . For one, they can draw, paint, and color on the easel and not the walls , and two, it allows them to use their creativity to express themselves freely.